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Enjoy our free learning center to identify tree diseases, learn what arboriculture is all about, and how Urban Arborist can help improve your tree health while protecting your overall property value.

What is Arboriculture?
Arboriculture is the study and care of trees and shrubs.  Urban Arborist specializes in this science and looks forward to helping you improve your trees.


Is a fungus that is utilized by 95% of all of Earth’s plants and is essential to plant growth. However, it can be destroyed by human activity such as construction, compaction and lawn applied fungicides. When planting new trees or helping stressed trees to recover , Urban Arborist uses a biological cocktail which includes mycorrhizae fungi to help them to regain their natural healthy, vigorous condition.

Root Collar Disorders
A trees root collar is the area of transition from the above ground parts of the tree to the below ground part of the tree.  If the tree looks like a telephone pole where it enters the ground, this tree has a problem. Symptoms include: yellowing of foliage, early leaf coloring and drop, and an invasion of canker fungi and insect borers. Urban Arborist’s team of certified arborists can treat a root collar disorder by repositioning the tree, removing the soil, and managing fertilization.

Rhizosphaera Needle Cast
The infected needles will be yellow, purple, or brown and begin to fall off the lower branches of the tree. If a tree consistently loses needles for 3-4 years the tree is under a lot of stress and could die. To prevent this disease you need to be proactive.  Fungicide appplications need to be applied  at the proper time and you can only protect those needles which are not yet infected. Urban Arborist utilizes a couple different methods to control this disease. Talk to one of our certified arborist  to determine which method works best for you.

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