Fertilization programs can be very beneficial in maintaining tree health.   If not replenished macro and micro nutrients can be leached through the soil or can be used up by trees, shrubs and turf. Over fertilization or fertilizing when unnecessary can be damaging to your plants or just simply wasteful.  Our certified arborists are trained to recognize nutrient deficiencies , we have a licensed agronomist to call on and we do utilize soil test laboratories when conditions dictate..  The Urban Arborist team can determine how, why and when your plants need to be fertilized.

Soil Biology

An ideal soil is comprised of 50% soil, 25% macro pore space and 25% micro pore space.  Living within the soil are millions of microorganisms, vertebrates, earthworms, nematodes, arthropods, fungi, protozoa and bacteria all which play an essential role in the soil food web and are absolutely essential in providing our plants with the moisture and nutrients they require.  Urban Arborist has been utilizing the power of beneficial biologicals by introducing them into the soil for over a decade now, the results speak for themselves.


There can be a strong argument made that proper mulching can be the single most important cultural practice that a home owner can do for their trees.  Mulching can reduce injury to your trees by creating a buffer zone to keep machinery away from the stem and base of the tree. When properly done, mulching will improve your trees root system by maintaining a more consistent soil temperature, retaining moisture, encouraging micro organism activity over time. There are some simple do’s and don’ts to follow which we would be happy to go over with you.

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